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Country Shock

Scott returns again with an insightful post on Country Shock. Traveling or living in a new country and culture can be exhilarating, full of fun and serendipitous experiences.  Meeting new people, eating new foods, experiencing new cultural ways of thinking will enliven your life. But… meeting new people, eating new foods, and experiencing new ways of…

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Why Asking “Why” Is Important

Our favorite librarian is back to share about her latest insights from her work in Jordan. Enjoy Libby’s words in Why Asking “Why” Is Important Questions are important for a librarian. I want the people I’m helping to find answers to their questions, whether they are looking for simple facts like when Easter will be celebrated,…

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Healthy Conflict at Work

Katie, an IDEAS Associate and Leadership Coach, lives and works throughout North Africa helping to create thriving communities and increase longevity of expatriates working in the region. In this blog: Healthy Conflict at Work, Katie explores the importance of conflict and how to address it properly. “I hate conflict,” she says. But she also hates bad…

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