5 Ways We're Growing!

Sep 14, 2020 1:52:35 PM Sarah Rymer

Who could have anticipated the difficult challenges and surprising changes this year would bring? No one is exempt from the impact of a global pandemic and the losses that have come with it, such as loss of life, loved ones, health, finances, plans, job, and normal. We at IDEAS have felt the weight of these challenges and losses. However, with these new challenges have also come new opportunities for growth.

5 Ways Were GrowingWe’re grateful to share how God is still at work bringing transformative hope to marginalized communities around the world through IDEAS. Here is the growth we are experiencing in the midst of worldwide challenges:

  1. IDEAS community is growing. This year the IDEAS community grew by endorsing three new long-term professional Associates in education, community development, and health & wellness. Several more are in the application process!
  2. IDEAS Associates are growing. Professionally and personally, IDEAS Associates demonstrate excellence and resilience in the midst of adversity:
           - Associates in Lebanon share their experience of the Beirut explosion.
           - A healthcare Associate shares what he is learning as an overseas doctor .
           - An Associate who offers community health education in the Middle East and North Africa shares how working with refugees has changed her life.
  3. IDEAS opportunities are growing. IDEAS has new teaching, healthcare, and community development  openings in Egypt and Tunisia! We also currently have 13 teaching openings in 8 countries!
  4. IDEAS projects are growing. Two new projects have opened in North Africa: One project provides social work services for an international school, and the second project provides holistic support for families with special needs children. Several additional projects are currently in discussion!
  5. IDEAS sectors are growing. IDEAS works in five professional sectors. We now have advocates in the agriculture, business, and education sectors, and advocates are in development for community development and health & wellness sectors. IDEAS Sector Advocates work to see effective, community-specific, professional applications among agricultural, business, community development, educational, and health & wellness projects; networking and growing professional resources; expanding understanding through research; and defining best practice and values for productivity and transformational outcomes.

What is the growth you are seeing in your life through the challenges you have endured this year? Click here to learn more about how you can grow with us!


About the Author: Deirdre works in the IDEAS office as the Executive Support Specialist. She teaches Hebrew, is an avid runner, and loves to travel. Enjoy other blog posts by Deirdre, such as During a Pandemic, Good Is Happening.



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