6 Ways to Encourage from a Distance

May 3, 2021 11:14:44 AM Sarah Rymer

To encourage means to make strong, to hearten, to give courage and hope to someone. Who in your life needs courage and hope today?

6 Ways to Encourage from a Distance

As life slowly resumes (or remains on hold) from COVID, the long-term consequences of a global pandemic have taken a toll on those of us here at home and abroad. How can you reach out to someone who is far from home to let them know they are not forgotten?

Here are 6 practical ways to encourage others from a distance:

  1. Contact them to let them know you’re thinking of them. There are many options for reaching out, such as WhatsApp, texting, e-cards, email, and Signal. Use the one you know they use, and ask them if there is a better way to communicate.

  2. Set up a call by Zoom, Skype, or Facebook. Ask them if they would like to chat so you can catch up. They might be tired of video calls, but they probably would love to hear from you.

  3. Ask good questions. Share what you’ve been feeling, and see what you have in common. Ask them what is exciting or challenging, and pray for them.

  4. Support their families at home. Ask if parents or adult children need anything that you could provide. This has been a long stretch for everyone, and they might love for you to take flowers or a gift to someone they can’t reach right now.

  5. Share encouraging resources with them. What podcast, song, article, or sermon has given you extra courage when you’ve been discouraged? 

  6. Share fun. If something made you laugh, it might do the same for them.

What ideas come to mind to encourage your friends overseas?

What has given you courage and hope that you can share with others?


About the Author: Barb is the IDEAS Director of Community Life and has lived in Cote d'lvoire and France. Enjoy other blogs by Barb, such as Are You a Cultural Critic or a Cultural Learner?


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