Advent in the Time of Covid

Dec 15, 2020 10:39:45 AM Sarah Rymer

Although the world is weary, the thrill of Hope is real this Christmas season. During this time of Advent, this time of waiting for salvation to arrive, we asked an IDEAS Associate to share glimpses of Hope in the weariness of waiting. . .

Advent in the Time of Corona

It’s a chilly morning. The sun is shining, but the walls and floors of my apartment embrace the cold. I am dressed in as many layers of clothing as I can comfortably wear. In the background I hear a cacophony of competing prayer calls bouncing between the various mosques in the city. Today is Friday, the holy day for this country.

Unlike last year and the hundreds of years before, today is also a country-wide lockdown. In order to manage the growing number of Covid cases, stores, restaurants, and even the outdoors are off limits. I am trapped in my home with a view of a large water tank and rebar.

It has been two weeks since I arrived in this country, ready to begin a new teaching position. The words on the signs of the nearby shops mean nothing to me, covered in a language whose letters I have yet to decipher. My new home is not my own, and many teachers before me have left their mark. I am reduced to a primitive sort of communication and charades to speak to my neighbors and coworkers.

But as I sit in the warmth of the sun coming through my window this morning, I realize that I am content in this moment. 

This moment of contentment comes after a tumultuous seven months:

Travel restrictions. Virtual graduations. Job losses. Isolation. Disappointment. Grief.

The seemingly endless waiting for something different to come.

And while there is not a Christmas light or tree to be seen, I am keenly ready for this Advent season.

I have had a glimpse of Hope realized.

Whatever you are experiencing in this moment, what is your glimpse of Hope during this season of waiting?


About the Author: Katherine is an IDEAS Associate who has lived and worked in Turkey for the past 18 years before recently relocating to Jordan. Her background is in education, and she enjoys working with refugees. Enjoy other posts by Katherine, such as The Therapy of a Language Class.


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