Crisis Preparation: Peace in the Storm

Oct 31, 2018 12:20:49 PM Sarah Rymer

How you prepare for disaster can affect your peace of mind and productivity during times of peace. Learn how our Crisis Response Managers provide training and resources for the IDEAS community!

jametlene-reskp-769516-unsplashBecause IDEAS Associates leverage their skills to restore hope in marginalized communities worldwide, I recently asked Scott, co-Manager of the IDEAS Crisis Preparedness Team, to share why crisis preparation is important for our staff. 

Crisis preparation is vital because our world is in constant flux. In recent weeks, we've seen how hurricanes have caused massive flooding, military action has been implemented in several countries, aid workers have been kidnapped on two continents, and a deadly earthquake and tsunami have wreaked havoc on Indonesia. 

With IDEAS Associates living in North Africa, the Middle East, and throughout Asia, there is a good chance that Associates will experience some type of crisis at some point. Therefore, IDEAS is very aware of the need for crisis training, prevention, and management. IDEAS has two Crisis Response Managers who are always working to minimize and manage risk for IDEAS Associates.

What training have IDEAS Crisis Response Managers received?

Both Crisis Response Managers have received training in security, risk assessment, contingency planning, disaster response, crisis management, and resolution of hostage and kidnapping situations. One Manager maintains good relationships with the U. S. Department of State and their security office, and both Managers receive multiple emails from the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) of the Department of State dealing with alerts and reports from around the world. Additionally, our direct interaction with OSAC has resulted in the publication of two security resource reports for their constituents around the world.


How does IDEAS prepare its Associates for crisis?

IDEAS includes security training during orientation and throughout their Associates' career with IDEAS. We also encourage Associates to attend multi-day seminars on security that are led by professionals. The Crisis Response Managers help all Associates in risk assessment, whether the risk is “green” or almost no risk, up to “red” which means evacuate now, and all the situations in between. They also work with Associates to develop personal crisis response plans which include evacuation plans.


How does IDEAS respond when crisis occurs?

When a crisis occurs, the Crisis Response Managers form a Crisis Management Team of IDEAS leaders to provide directions and help for the Associates who are in a crisis situation. This team stays in direct contact with the Associates in crisis and their colleagues, and works for a safe and quick resolution.

Living internationally is a wonderful experience that usually is a safe and peaceful existence.  However times of disaster and crises do occur, and IDEAS is committed to be prepared and to provide guidance to their Associates. 


About the Author: Scott is always prepared as our Director of Operations for Asia. He also works as the co-Manager of the IDEAS Crisis Preparedness Team. Check out Scott's other blog posts, including: Are You Ready?




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