Healthcare Along the Border

Oct 6, 2016 5:54:07 AM Sarah Rymer

Meet Sheldon! Sheldon and his family reside in Thailand where he and his wife both work in healthcare. Their focus is on the Karen people of southern Burma and northern Thailand. Together, they are partnering with others to provide healthcare training to Karen students who desire to return to their village to provide healthcare to their communities.

Learn more about Sheldon and his work of providing healthcare along the border:

Hi Sheldon. Thanks for doing this! Tell me, what do you do?

I am part of a team that is putting together a 5 year medic training program for Karen villagers who live in rural or remote areas. I help coordinate the efforts of the team, as well as, contribute by helping teach some of the first year science classes.


How do you hope this will make an impact?

I hope that our team’s efforts will provide remote Karen villages with well-trained Karen medics. This will bring better health, greater productivity and a higher quality of life for these individuals and families.

Tell us a story about one of your beneficiaries

Let me tell you about one of my students, Lay Lay Poe. Her village was located at the Burmese border with Thailand. When she was three years old, the Burmese Army raided her village, forcing her and her family to flee. They crossed over into Thailand and ended up in a refugee camp. Sixteen years later, when a ceasefire was declared between the Burmese Army and the Karen people, her family was able to return to their village. Now she is in enrolled in EMA’s program with hopes of returning to her village after graduating. If she has the support of her people, she wants to open her own clinic in the very same village she grew up in!


At IDEAS, we love to see how God is using the skills, gifts and compassion He has created in each one of our professionals. Sheldon, like many others, is one link in a long chain of those working and serving among the overlooked and forgotten. It is a privilege to see the Body at work in such a productive way!

How do you use your skills and gifts to help others?

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