How Are You a Mover and Shaker?

Feb 19, 2019 12:21:23 PM Sarah Rymer

There are many "Movers and Shakers," and not just those who harvest olives. . . 

Woman in Olive OrchardHave you ever seen a group of people harvesting olives? It’s quite the process. After covering the ground with sheets of burlap or plastic, someone climbs up on the tree and begins moving and shaking the tree branches so that the fruit of the tree (the olives) fall onto the sheets below on the ground. Most of the olives fall due to the vigorous shaking, and the rest of the olives are squeezed out of the branches by hand until no olives remain on the tree. A group of women and children gather the fallen olives and separate them according to their maturity. When finished with one tree, they move on to the next until all the trees in the orchard have been stripped of their fruit. The person at the top of the tree is call the “Mover and Shaker.” One must have a certain skill to be able to shake most of the olives from the tree, leaving less to be removed by hand.

There are many “Movers and Shakers,” and not just those who harvest olives:

  • Teachers who shake our minds as we learn and grow.
  • Medical professionals who share their time and professional skills in communities lacking basic medical services, making a difference in the lives of people on the margins of society.
  • Agricultural engineers who develop new ways to irrigate and cultivate fruits and vegetables, allowing communities to be self-sufficient and ensuring health and growth of new generations of growers.
  • Business entrepreneurs who provide ideas and knowledge to help communities create jobs for the improvement of their economy.
  • Counselors and advisors who offer training to young people, aiming to increase the potential of youth and to develop self-initiative, giving them hope for their future.

I know some “Movers and Shakers” doing what they do best to make a difference in people’s lives:

  • An accountant who provides support for an NGO in North Africa, which allows the organization to focus on transforming the lives of disadvantaged people through agricultural development, health care, disability services, and capacity building.
  • A social worker who brings change into the lives of battered women by advocating and providing support to promote self-valorization and dignity.
  • A health development specialist who conducts programs for refugee women and children to teach them self-care and to teach mothers how to improve care of their children.

The world needs “Movers and Shakers,” those who use their God-given skills and professions to influence others and initiate change in people’s lives to bring about a better life and hope for the future. Many projects worldwide need educators, administrators, trainers, physical therapists, entrepreneurs, technology professionals, social workers, public health professionals, and many more.

There is a community somewhere that is ready to receive someone with your professional experience and compassion, someone who is ready to demonstrate love by doing what God has prepared them to do in their profession.

How are you a “Mover and Shaker”?


About the Author: Tony is the IDEAS project operations director for North Africa. He and his family reside in Tunisia and enjoy calling this their home. Check out other blogs by Tony, such as: Conquering the Fear of Moving Overseas.





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