How Hope Opens New Possibilities

Nov 2, 2020 10:42:31 AM Sarah Rymer

Hopelessness is the ultimate adversary of humankind. Hopelessness brings anguish, doubt, and fear. However, hope is stronger than fear. Hope conquers anguish, doubt, and fear and brings transformation.


I have witnessed people’s transformation as they find hope. Suddenly they seem stronger, happier, and motivated to step out in faith. They begin to have the expectation that everything will be OK. Their steps seem lighter as they are infused with the energy they need to move forward.  

Here is how I see hope transforming others:

  • Hope compels us to look forward into what our life can become.
  • Hope gives us a renewed focus on what our future may bring and assures us that we can overcome our darkest hour.
  • Hope gives us the strength to move forward when we feel paralyzed by the weight of our worries and gloomy circumstances.
  • Hope is the glimmer of light that assures us we are not defeated by depression or lost in the darkness.
  • Hope gives us a way out of poverty, slavery, or anything that might be keeping us in chains.
  • Hope is the pen in our hands that allows us to write our future, as a part of a much greater story with a perfect ending.
  • Hope opens the way to believing that the impossible is possible.
  • Hope gives people comfort when all appears to be lost.

Transformation occurs when hope is received because hope opens the way to faith in what is yet to come and certainty of things that seem impossible.

Hope has brought transformation to a single mother in Tunisia named Beth.

Having a child out of wedlock can carry a great deal of stigma in Tunisia, particularly in more rural areas. It is almost always women who suffer the most. A local non-profit created a program to help transform the lives of such women by helping them dream of a future they can build for themselves, giving them hope.

Beth was invited to join the project 2 years ago. Since then, she has been receiving training and support in how to set up and run her own modest business. Although she initially did not believe this would change anything, she was glad to be a part of the program.

Over the course of a few months, her confidence slowly started to grow, giving way to hope. At the end of the training, she was ready to start her own business.

Having set up her workspace in her home, Beth began to bake items she could sell locally. However, she had no refrigerator to store the ingredients she needed, so she was limited in what she was able to produce. The local non-profit donated the funds to purchase a refrigerator for her. This meant that she could buy supplies in bulk to produce more baked goods. Baking more means selling more. Selling more means more money coming in to help her best support her family.

Beth is growing into a promising businesswoman. She has a good business model. While there is more to success than this, this program offers her an encouraging start.

People’s lives are being transformed, and their futures are now much more their own, to hope and plan for.

When we inspire faith into others, they “will overflow with confident hope” as they become empowered to change their lives on their own!

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in Him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit” (Rom. 15:13).


About the Author: Tony is the IDEAS Director of Project Operations. He and his family reside in Tunisia and enjoy calling this their home. Enjoy other blogs by Tony, such as My Thoughts Before You Go.


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