Start Something New, and Be Brave

Jan 22, 2019 2:18:13 PM Sarah Rymer

What is something new you’d like to try this year? Visiting a new country? Starting a new hobby? Joining a new group? Starting a new relationship? Learning a new skill? Stepping into a new career? Or stepping into your current career in new ways?

Change is risky, uncomfortable, and scary. We are creatures of habit, including me. But change is necessary if we want to continue to deepen into our truest, most authentic selves.sammie-vasquez-549428-unsplash-1

This new year I’m ready to start something new, and I’m realizing how much courage it takes to step outside my comfort zone. Becoming stronger, more alive, and more fully engaged with life requires risks, set backs, and courage. I want to embrace new possibilities, step into the unknown, and live beyond what I have previously thought possible.

I’m fortunate to work in the IDEAS home office where I get to constantly interact with incredible people who embrace change by leaving their comfort zones to restore hope for marginalized communities worldwide. I watch IDEAS associates leverage their business, education, medical, counseling, and agricultural skills to create transformational change. I can’t help but be inspired to dream big when I see so much good happening in our communities worldwide.

Because I’m inspired to dream big through the work I see happening at IDEAS, this is what I’m going to courageously step into this year:

  • Visiting IDEAS education, refugee, and community life projects in Jordan & Cyprus this Fall
  • Learning a new language
  • Developing my teaching and leadership skills through classes and seminars so that I can leverage these skills more effectively

What is something new you want to try this year? How can we help empower you? If you’d like to try something new through IDEAS, you will have an amazing team supporting you! And you will develop and grow in ways beyond what you could imagine. Here are a few options to consider trying:

  • Teaching (K-12 levels) in Jordan, North Africa, Asia, or Mauritius 2019-2020
  • Serving refugees in Cyprus for 2 to 12 weeks
  • Caring for disabled children in Kenya (April 1-12, 2019)
  • Providing medical assistance and training in Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Kenya, Thailand, or Myanmar for 1 week to 11 months
  • Working in fruit orchards or hydroponics in Kazakhstan or Jordan

 Now go for it!


About the Author: Deirdre works in the IDEAS office as the Operations Support Specialist. She teaches Hebrew, is an avid runner, and loves to travel. Enjoy Deirdre's other posts, such as What Is Your Gift?


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