Thank You from Around the World

Dec 2, 2019 10:44:50 AM Sarah Rymer

Hope is transforming communities around the world! 15,000+ marginalized people are receiving healthcare, clean water, better farming techniques, quality education, & life skills through IDEAS projects. Thank you from those whose hope is being restored worldwide through these projects. . .

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  • Thank you for teaching me English. As a Dalit I never thought I would speak English. Now people respect me." - Student, India
  • "Thank you for this disability advocacy seminar. Afterwards, I did not feel that my disability was a weakness but rather a source of strength that enables me to defend my rights." - Participant, Tunisia
  • "Thank you for the women's group. When I go, I feel relief and my troubles are lifted. I am stronger. I'm less lonely now. This center has changed my life." - Refugee from Middle East, Cyprus
  • Thank you for training us through your agriculture program. Every winter my local crew and I earn income from pruning operations with skills learned in this program.” – Agriculturalist, Central Asia
  • "Thank you for the Physician Assistant training program. After I finish my studies I plan to open a clinic in a remote area in Myanmar where there's no healthcare." - Karen Student, Thailand
  • "Thank you for making possible the shipment of 1,000+ wheelchairs because they are providing a whole new life for individuals and families!" - Physical Therapist, Kenya

Join us TOMORROW on Giving Tuesday as we we unleash hope by raising $5,000 to grow new food resources, empower local businesses, and bring education, healthcare, and clean water to 13+ countries!

Together, we are all part of the work God is doing to restore hope to those who are overlooked and forgotten worldwide. Click here to unleash hope today!


About the Author: Deirdre works in the IDEAS office as the Executive Support Specialist. She teaches Hebrew, is an avid runner, and loves to travel. Enjoy other posts by Deirdre, including Signs of New Life.


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