I admit, I have far too often packed way too much stuff when I have traveled. And I have so often regretted it! But over the last few years I’ve learned the advantages of traveling with a carry-on only.

With any new trip overseas, the hunt begins for the best flights, prices and even layover destinations. I sometimes use travel agents when things get complicated or I run out of time, but for the most part, I consider finding the perfect flight as some sort of quest with personal satisfaction as the prize.

There are many online sites to use to help ...

You will be investing your valuable time and money to volunteer. The organization you go with can make or break your experience. Do your research and ask the hard questions. Your best bet is to go with an established and reputable organization.

Every Sunday, thousands pack football stadiums to watch two teams vie for a victory. Millions more huddle around TV’s in homes, bars or restaurants to watch small groups of highly trained, exceptionally skilled professional athletes play the game.

I grew up in the smallest town in Pennsylvania and used to think that the hour-long bus ride into Pittsburgh was a journey to the ends of the earth.