Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a first-year, first grade teacher in your first year overseas? Read how one IDEAS volunteer is learning to thrive in the classroom and navigate a new culture and community!

Can I love my enemies and pray for those who persecute me?

For Christians and many others in Lebanon, the answer to this question can be difficult and complex.

Are you considering traveling with your children? I’d strongly encourage you to do so! While it can be a bit intimidating, the rewards are many. Whether you decide to take a road trip to a neighboring city or state, or board a plane to visit a new country, you will create memories that will last a lifetime.


Something about conducting a teachers meeting from a preschool-sized chair helps keep things in perspective. Any sense of superiority or pride vanishes while we discuss the challenges and struggles that our small refugee preschoolers will face when they start school in the fall.

Meet David! David and his family live in Beirut, Lebanon where he serves as the IDEAS Lebanon Project Operations Director and as the coordinator for a community center that works with disadvantaged youth. Learn about his work and family in the latest blog post: Life in Lebanon.

Meet Joy! Joy is an IDEAS Associate and Julliard-trained violinist who lives and works in Jordan. Learn more about her and her dream of bringing classical music to school children in The Sound of Music in Jordan.

1. Hi Joy! Tell us about yourself.

My name is Joy, I am from South Korea. I started studying the violin when I ...

Our favorite librarian is back to share about her latest insights from her work in Jordan. Enjoy Libby's words in Why Asking "Why" Is Important

Questions are important for a librarian. I want the people I'm helping to find answers to their questions, whether they are looking for simple facts like when Easter will be celebrated, or more ...

This week, we want you to meet Tony! Along with his wife and two sons, Tony lives and works in Tunisia. Check out his insights into this beautiful and complex country:

Meet Patrick, an IDEAS Associate and agricultural specialist, who lives with his family in Kazakhstan. Read how his travels throughout the world led him to working with orchard farmers in Central Asia in Interview with a Fruit Farmer - Part 1.

Today we are welcoming back Libby, an IDEAS Associate and librarian! Libby works around the world helping to implement and improve library programs in schools. Since it is World Teacher's Day, what better way to celebrate those working in the classrooms than by interviewing someone who supports the learning process with books and resources! ...