This week, we want you to meet Tony! Along with his wife and two sons, Tony lives and works in Tunisia. Check out his insights into this beautiful and complex country:

 "I'm so glad I'm not the expert!"

Read the latest from our Associate Leah and how she learned to say, "I'm so glad I'm not the expert!"

I had studied for more years that I care to remember. The work I did in the professional world was difficult. I was the grunt; I put in my time; I earned my ...

Learn the rest of Patrick's story in "Interview with a Fruit Farmer - Part 2!"

Tell me about your current project.

We are privileged to play a role in helping the country of Kazakhstan address some of the its main national development goals:

  1. To develop the fruit tree industry which is what the ...

Meet Patrick, an IDEAS Associate and agricultural specialist, who lives with his family in Kazakhstan. Read how his travels throughout the world led him to working with orchard farmers in Central Asia in Interview with a Fruit Farmer - Part 1.

IDEAS Associates in China have worked with our Student Sponsorship program for almost a decade. Read an account from one of our Associates on how this program brings compassion and hope to generations of students!

Donna Grandi, the TCK Specialist at IDEAS, is here to give a few tips and tricks on how parents can prepare your children to move abroad!