I recently spent several days in Cyprus collaborating with my colleagues and learning more about the details of their work. They came from Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Cyprus, all ready to discuss how they have seen God work in and through their professional projects and how He is transforming communities one individual at a time. What I learned ...

Meet Joy! Joy is an IDEAS Associate and Julliard-trained violinist who lives and works in Jordan. Learn more about her and her dream of bringing classical music to school children in The Sound of Music in Jordan.

1. Hi Joy! Tell us about yourself.

My name is Joy, I am from South Korea. I started studying the violin when I ...

Meet Sheldon! Sheldon and his family reside in Thailand where he and his wife both work in healthcare. Their focus is on the Karen people of southern Burma and northern Thailand. Together, they are partnering with others to provide healthcare training to Karen students who desire to return to their village to provide healthcare to their ...

"So, why should I join IDEAS?"

I love this question. In fact, I never get tired of it because it is the exact question a possible volunteer or long-term Associate should be asking. When deciding to go overseas, whether for two weeks or 10 years, picking an organization is vital (check out:

Our favorite librarian is back to share about her latest insights from her work in Jordan. Enjoy Libby's words in Why Asking "Why" Is Important

Questions are important for a librarian. I want the people I'm helping to find answers to their questions, whether they are looking for simple facts like when Easter will be celebrated, or more ...

Part 2 is here! Check out Scott's helpful hints in preparing for travel in 7 Steps of Travel Prep - Part 2.

This week, we want you to meet Tony! Along with his wife and two sons, Tony lives and works in Tunisia. Check out his insights into this beautiful and complex country:

Lauren, along with her husband and others, provides healthcare to trafficked victims in Thailand. Check out her thoughts below and how she sees grace in Thailand.

A few months ago we began our work in anti-human trafficking alongside a remarkable group of men and women who amaze me.

 "I'm so glad I'm not the expert!"

Read the latest from our Associate Leah and how she learned to say, "I'm so glad I'm not the expert!"

I had studied for more years that I care to remember. The work I did in the professional world was difficult. I was the grunt; I put in my time; I earned my ...

Learn the rest of Patrick's story in "Interview with a Fruit Farmer - Part 2!"

Tell me about your current project.

We are privileged to play a role in helping the country of Kazakhstan address some of the its main national development goals:

  1. To develop the fruit tree industry which is what the ...