"I'm so glad I'm not the expert!"

Read the latest from our Associate Leah and how she learned to say, "I'm so glad I'm not the expert!"

I had studied for more years that I care to remember. The work I did in the professional world was difficult. I was the grunt; I put in my time; I earned my ...

Learn the rest of Patrick's story in "Interview with a Fruit Farmer - Part 2!"

Tell me about your current project.

We are privileged to play a role in helping the country of Kazakhstan address some of the its main national development goals:

  1. To develop the fruit tree industry which is what the ...

Meet Patrick, an IDEAS Associate and agricultural specialist, who lives with his family in Kazakhstan. Read how his travels throughout the world led him to working with orchard farmers in Central Asia in Interview with a Fruit Farmer - Part 1.

Today we are welcoming back Libby, an IDEAS Associate and librarian! Libby works around the world helping to implement and improve library programs in schools. Since it is World Teacher's Day, what better way to celebrate those working in the classrooms than by interviewing someone who supports the learning process with books and resources! ...

We are often asked, "How do I volunteer with IDEAS?"

And what we say is that it all starts with a desire to use what you know and love and a willingness to grow and serve.

We want you to be a part of the ongoing, transformative work that is happening every day around the world! So to help you get started, here are a few FAQs - How to ...

IDEAS Associates in China have worked with our Student Sponsorship program for almost a decade. Read an account from one of our Associates on how this program brings compassion and hope to generations of students!

This past week I had the privilege to go through IDEAS Orientation for long-term Associates in order to know the organization better and on a deeper level. I was honored to know I work for such a strategic, visionary, loving organization that creates real change in places with real need. IDEAS has a unique niche in the whole scope of God’s purpose.


IDEAS professionals are practitioners in a variety of fields, including engineering. For over 14 years, Chris has worked in small, rural villages in China, providing clean drinking water for entire communities. The impact that this water has is life-changing! Check out the report below on his latest project:

Life's unexpected events continue to happen even when we travel and most of us have experienced lost luggage, a missed connection, an injury on your dream vacation or a family emergency while you are half-way around the world.

Meet Libby! Libby is a librarian and long-term IDEAS Associate. She works in libraries around the world and has lived in Turkey, Morocco and now part-time in Jordan. When asked why she loves working in these locations, here is her response: