Did you know that gratitude is a transformational tool that comes with life-changing benefits?

It was a heated team meeting. On the table that day were some “hot topics.” Everyone had different ideas, different perspectives, different opinions... different everything.

What inspires you in your work and daily life? Recent research shows that developing a sense of awe in the ordinary inspires creativity and brings ...

When I was in high school, I spent my summers as a hired hand on a farm ranch in southeast Idaho. The ranch property was in a small valley in the mountains. Most of my days were spent moving cattle from one area to another, fixing many miles of fence, or planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops in the fields.


This season of life is a time of transition for many of us as the school year ends, as life opens back up, as new opportunities become available, and as many people relocate. Any transition involves ending one chapter well in order to step into a new beginning.

To encourage means to make strong, to hearten, to give courage and hope to someone. Who in your life needs courage and hope today?

The upheaval of this past year has provided the opportunity to establish new norms and to think outside the box in every aspect of life, especially professionally.

Spring is my least favorite season of the year. Why? It’s allergy season, the season of sneezing and itchy eyes and generally not feeling great. This was true in Colorado; it’s worse in Jordan, where I’ve discovered that I’m allergic to olive pollen.

Many Americans are troubled by the state of the nation. It is an unusual feeling.

“Where can I make a phone call?” I asked my roommate who had lived in Casablanca for a year longer than I had. “There are no pay phones here,” she replied. Hmmm, I thought. Many people in the city don’t have the money for cell phones. How do they make calls?