With any new trip overseas, the hunt begins for the best flights, prices and even layover destinations. I sometimes use travel agents when things get complicated or I run out of time, but for the most part, I consider finding the perfect flight as some sort of quest with personal satisfaction as the prize.

There are many online sites to use to help ...

Scott returns again with an insightful post on Country Shock.

Traveling or living in a new country and culture can be exhilarating, full of fun and serendipitous experiences.  Meeting new people, eating new foods, experiencing new cultural ways of thinking will enliven your life.

But… meeting new people, eating new foods, and ...

Katie, an IDEAS Associate and Leadership Coach, lives and works throughout North Africa helping to create thriving communities and increase longevity of expatriates working in the region. In this blog: Healthy Conflict at Work, Katie explores the importance of conflict and how to address it properly.

Part 2 is here! Check out Scott's helpful hints in preparing for travel in 7 Steps of Travel Prep - Part 2.

Scott, our Asia regional director, is writing for us again! Enjoy his two-part series on preparations for travel. Below is his first installment: 7 Steps of Travel Prep - Part 1.

Meet Scott. He is our regional director for Asia and knows a thing or two about long flights!

Tips for thriving on long flights

Eight hours into my flight from Los Angeles to Singapore I realized that I still had TEN hours to go! Even though I was surrounded by 300 new “friends,” I was a bit worried about my mental ...

Traveling can be rough, especially during the winter months where you are hauling extra clothing, navigating holiday travelers and avoiding cold and flu season. Thankfully, there are many great tips and tricks to help make your trip a little more stress-free. Here are a few of our favorites:

We are often asked, "How do I volunteer with IDEAS?"

And what we say is that it all starts with a desire to use what you know and love and a willingness to grow and serve.

We want you to be a part of the ongoing, transformative work that is happening every day around the world! So to help you get started, here are a few FAQs - How to ...

Life's unexpected events continue to happen even when we travel and most of us have experienced lost luggage, a missed connection, an injury on your dream vacation or a family emergency while you are half-way around the world.

At IDEAS, we are often asked why people should choose an organization with which to volunteer overseas. And what we tell them is that there is far more benefit in going with a team of experienced cross-cultural professionals than without. There is power, safety, growth and impact in numbers!