Undaunted in the Unknown

Jul 20, 2020 11:25:18 AM Sarah Rymer

We all wrestle with different anxieties, whether fear of spiders, heights, germs, confined spaces, or the dark. Yet, something that tends to impact all of us is fear of the unknown.

shutterstock_213878632(This blog post was originally published as "Keeping Confident as You Face the Unknown" in February 2018.)

Many of us are currently facing unknowns. What career choices should I make right now? Is it time to move? What will the coming year look like?

When my daughter and her husband moved to East Africa, questions raced through my mind. I lived overseas for more than 20 years and have traveled to more than 30 countries. I know the challenges people will face, and I know that difficult things can and will happen.

What will it really be like? Will the water make them sick? Will they find friends? Will they be able to learn the language? Will they be able to handle intermittent water and power outages? Will they be able to find adequate housing?

With questions like these, you don’t know the answers until you get there. If you sense a life calling, you need to step out in confidence, trust, and hope. 

My confidence in any situation is based on God’s promises to be with His people. Time and again, he reminds us, “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” 

Because God is with you, we do not need to be afraid nor discouraged – even if we are facing the uncertainty of the unknown and the probability of adversity!  Not only that, he tells us that because he is with us, he will strengthen us and help us.

How do we know that is true? Or, how do we know that will be true for us? His faithfulness in the past is an indicator that he will be faithful and powerfully present with us in the midst of any future need.

What helps you maintain a sense of optimism, hope, confidence, and peace in uncertainties and unknowns?

Whatever unknown you are facing, know that God is faithful and promises to be with you.


About the Author: Ron is a retired IDEAS Associate and the former Community Life Director for Asia. Enjoy other blog posts by Ron, such as Entertaining Angels Unaware.





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