Wanderlust Mantra

Sep 23, 2014 12:32:01 PM Shelley Laverty

I grew up in the smallest town in Pennsylvania and used to think that the hour-long bus ride into Pittsburgh was a journey to the ends of the earth.

I never had much opportunity to travel back then, and quite honestly never had much desire. All that was until I married my husband, a fella from Northern Ireland. After the obligatory international trip to meet the in-laws, I was hooked. I would have never guessed that I’d end up with a passport bulging with extra pages and stamps from dozens of countries!

I often wonder how those of us with wanderlust would cope without the internet. All of that information about destinations, search engines that find the best airfares and travel tips that save time and money are just a click away. And I love all those handy dandy travel apps that you can just load onto your phone that put all your trip information in one place.

I also enjoy planning a trip almost as much as the trip itself. I learned that about myself on a trip to Disney World many years ago when my kids were just tots. The guidebook that I had almost memorized said that you could avoid long lines by bolting to the farthest end of the park upon entering and working your way back to the gate against the crowd. Once we caught our breath - and the tires on the strollers cooled - we discovered that the tip worked beautifully.

My friends say that I take trip planning to a whole new level. I admit it’s an obsession. But in the end, I appreciate the time and money it ends up saving.

Just consider those pesky baggage fees that airlines are now charging for checked bags. It can add up and really, how much do you need or want to lug around when you get to your destination? Whether it’s a visit to an IDEAS project or going on vacation, my goal is to get everything in a carry-on. With good planning, you can do it too!

My Wanderlust Mantra - I  want to continue to travel till I am a ripe old age, to see and experience new cultures, make new friends and gain insights about the world, its people and myself. I want to make the best possible decisions about flights, accommodations and itineraries and when I get set to go, I want to travel light. When I return, I will treasure the memories, share stories and photos with friends - and start planning the next trip.

Where do you find the best travel deals? Do you have any tips for packing light?

Posted by Shelley Laverty, IDEAS Recruiting and Placement Manager.

“I look for the best and the brightest and match them with opportunities in Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.”

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