What I Like About IDEAS: Thoughts from an IDEAS Leader

May 29, 2018 1:27:59 PM Sarah Rymer

 After working with IDEAS for over a decade, combined with a lifetime of living overseas, I have come to realize three items that draw me to IDEAS.

artem-bali-570619-unsplashMy desire is that others see the benefits and blessings that I see and want to work alongside the community that makes up this organization. Together, we are stronger in our work. Here are three reasons why I like IDEAS:

  1. Our IDEAS leadership is committed for the long haul!  Many IDEAS leaders were first Associates, working in specific professional projects. Over time, their skills and knowledge grew, shaping them into leadership. Others in leadership have been involved with IDEAS from the beginning and have hung in there through thick and thin for many years.  But more important are the benefits of their faithfulness. Their commitment offers IDEAS a certain stability, a continuity, and a predictability. I like that!

  2. IDEAS Associates often have longevity in their professional calling.  There is often a long-term commitment in their minds that accepts a serious investment in order to obtain their goals. And it is my impression that these Associates are more effective or impactful because of their faithful perseverance. Perseverance is good, and bears fruit. I like that!

  3. IDEAS has a model of support that grows and encourages each Associate. This kind of service can help with administrative or operational support, they provide training and resources to help you thrive, and they walk alongside of you as you navigate social, physical, intellectual and spiritual matters. If you have you worked overseas before, you will no doubt find you need this kind of help or service! I have worked overseas for more than 35 years and I have both received and offered this kind of invaluable care. It is this kind of shared value that lets Associates go the distance. To succeed, one needs to be healthy and able to transform those around them. To stay healthy and be transformational, we need to draw upon others, no one can go it alone. We need fellowship, transparent relationships and accountability to mature others. For we are one body, and we need and benefit from each other. We must love and be loved, we must care and be cared for, we must listen and be heard, we must speak and be spoken to. In short, we are committed to growing and encouraging one another. I like that!

I have witnessed many within our community grow and be strengthened by each other. In some cases, if IDEAS did not provide this model of support and training, some Associates would have returned to their home countries. It is together that we can most effectively fulfill the work God has called us to. Life is so much more enjoyable when we do it together!

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash





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