What Is Your Gift?

Dec 19, 2018 2:09:09 PM Sarah Rymer

Gift-giving is a custom many cultures have in common. Giving is a universal language that communicates love, grace, and gratitude. Whether you are the one giving or receiving, gift-giving invites into vulnerability and humility, into openness and acceptance of what you have to offer and what others have to offer you.

Gift giving

This time of year, it’s easy to become consumed by what to buy and where to find the “perfect” gift. We often think of gifts as tangible, wrapped packages, but gifts also come in unexpected and unconventional ways. Such gifts are sometimes difficult to recognize. . . the gift of a stranger’s kindness in the midst of an ordinary day, the gift of forgiveness in the midst of a broken relationship, the gift of endurance in the midst of closed doors, the gift of new possibilities in the midst of lost hopes and dreams. 

The gift of true Hope came in a way no one imagined, in an unexpected and unconventional way. Hope came to us utterly vulnerable and in complete humility. This gift is always patiently waiting to be received and embraced, always restores our ability to see beyond our current circumstances, beyond what we can even imagine.

At IDEAS we have the privilege of giving the gift of hope as we serve marginalized communities worldwide. We also receive the gift of hope when we witness the faith of those who live in difficult circumstances and when we witness lives and communities transformed.

You have unique gifts that the world is waiting to receive. What makes you come alive and brings hope and joy to others? What gift do you desire to give that will restore hope in your family, community, or world?

These are just a few of the gifts of hope you have given this year through your prayers and support:

  • 5,000+ people in rural China received clean water, improved education, disaster relief, agriculture skills training, and medical assistance.
  • 5,000+ patients were seen at the clinic in Myanmar.
  • 5,000+ people in Bangladesh were diagnosed and treated of complicated diseases.
  • 1500+ farmers and their communities were directly impacted by our agricultural training program in Kazakhstan.
  • 1,000+ people in Jordan were directly impacted through community development initiatives.
  • 500+ wheelchairs were delivered to Kenya to provide a new way of life for 500 individuals and their families.

How is the gift of Hope coming to you this season in perhaps an unexpected and unconventional way?


About the Author: Deirdre works in the IDEAS office as the Administrative Specialist. She teaches Hebrew, is an avid runner, and loves to travel. Enjoy Deirdre's other posts, such as How Generosity Can Change Your Life.


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