Why Should I Join IDEAS?      Here's Why!

Apr 22, 2019 9:35:59 AM Sarah Rymer

"So, why should I join IDEAS?" I love this question. In fact, I never get tired of it because it is the exact question a possible volunteer or long-term Associate should be asking. 

perry-grone-732606-unsplashWhen deciding to go overseas, whether for two weeks or 10 years, picking an organization is vital (check out: How to Pick the Right Volunteer Organization), and because I have the privilege of writing this blog, let's focus on why you should join IDEAS!

1. IDEAS loves to partner! We do not do our work alone. If we tried, we would fail miserably. Instead, we partner with over 35 organizations, ranging from grass-roots to local governments, who have similar values and objectives and who know the pulse, resources, and needs of their community. Because of this, we are able to offer professional opportunities in Agriculture, Business/IT, Community Development, Education, and Healthcare.

2. IDEAS seeks to serve the whole person. In fact, our methodology is directly connected to our desire to meet the social, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs of beneficiaries.

3. IDEAS leverages the skills of Christian professionals. Car mechanics, teachers, nurses, photographers, engineers, entrepreneurs, administrators, and so many more have seen God work in and through their skills and passions to help bring transformation in communities around the world. We value the specific talents God has created in professionals and believe He can use them anywhere.

4. IDEAS focuses on community. Our staff is dedicated to the health, care, and support of our IDEAS families and individuals. We believe that if our people are thriving, then the work they are doing and the relationships they are building can also thrive.

5. IDEAS projects are professionally-run. We value goals, objectives, strategies, job descriptions, reviews, and clear communication. We want you to enhance your skills while you are working overseas, and we want our projects to grow in their professional development and reach their desired outcomes. We find this also helps in knowing what is to be expected of you, and in turn, what you can expect from us.

6. IDEAS resources are focused on growing hope. Everything we do is channeled into this goal, and we do this in our financial management, professional development, training and teaching, community building, individual assessments and goals, conferences, crisis response, and celebrations. On all levels, we want to transparently provide our people the resources they need to use their gifts to the fullest extent. When this happens, hope spreads.

Ultimately, we want you to courageously take the next step in your personal and professional journey. And we want you to find the very best organization for your needs and goals. If IDEAS is it, then we welcome you to the family!

About the Author: Sarah is the IDEAS Director of Communications and Recruiting and has worked at IDEAS for 10 years and traveled to 38 countries. Enjoy other blog posts by Sarah, such as Tips for Solo Female Travelers


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