Community Development

Community Development
  • Social work
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Social justice
  • Education
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Clean water/sanitation
  • Student sponsorship and school development
  • English training
  • Job and trade training

Explore Current Community Development Opportunities Below!

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Finance Manager in Tunisia

Occupational or Physical Therapist

Business Consultant for Collaborating Hospitals

Community Development Internship in Tunisia

Administrator in Myanmar

Human Resources Director in Thailand and Myanmar

Cafe Manager in Mauritania

Math & Science GRE Instructor in Thailand

Photographer & Videographer in Thailand

International Development Expert in Tunisia

Entrepreneur and Employability Expert in Tunisia

Leadership Development in Tunisia

Prisoner Rehabilitation in Tunisia

Language and Cultural Immersion in Tunisia

Short-Term Opportunities

Agriculture and Hydroponics in Jordan

Communications and Photo Journalism in Jordan

Engineering Technology Instructors in Thailand and Myanmar

At-Risk Specialists in Tunisia

Healthcare Trainers in Thailand and Myanmar