Giving FAQ

What is the Tax and Legal Status of IDEAS?

Tax and Legal Status of IDEAS: International Development & Educational Associates — IDEAS is a registered trade name. IDEAS is incorporated as a charitable organization in the State of Illinois under the name ‘DESTA’ and is recognized as a public charity by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code. IDEAS is registered with State charitable officials in all U.S. states which require charitable organizations to register for solicitation of donations.

Are Charitable Contributions to IDEAS Tax-deductible?

Charitable Contributions and Tax Deductions: Contributions to support IDEAS are tax-deductible to the extent of the law. Per US Treasury ruling, tax-deductible contributions are made with the understanding that the charitable organization has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds. Tax-deductible contributions to approved IDEAS Associates, Projects and Programs are voluntary, unconditional transfers and may not be returned to donors.

Does IDEAS accept unrestricted and preferenced contributions?

Unrestricted and Donor-Preferenced Contributions: IDEAS gratefully accepts unrestricted contributions (The IDEAS Fund) as well as contributions preferenced by donors to support approved purposes. IDEAS follows the widely accepted “deputized support” model of fund-raising, under which donations may be preferenced by donors to the support of approved IDEAS Associates, Projects and Programs. Contributions to IDEAS which are preferenced by donors for purposes which have not been approved may be returned to the donor.

Do I receive Receipts and Giving Statements for my gifts?

Receipts and Giving Statements: A receipt is prepared for each contribution received. For contributions received by mail, receipts are mailed to donors with a return envelope and response form which can be used for future contributions. Email receipts are sent for online gifts. Donors enrolled in our automated giving programs (direct debit or credit card) may request email receipts. An Annual Giving Statement is mailed to all individuals and businesses in January of each year to provide a record of charitable contributions in the previous calendar year.

What are Support Commitments?

Support Commitments: IDEAS records donor intentions to give so that Associates, Projects and Programs can assess fundraising progress. Associates generally distribute response forms which may be used to register an intention to give with the finance office. Contact our finance office if you would like to register your support commitment by email. Support commitments are used only for budget purposes, do not represent pledges, and will not be used for collection purposes.

How does IDEAS use Charitable Contributions?

How We Use Charitable Contributions: IDEAS Associates, Projects and Programs prepare budget requests which are reviewed and approved by the appropriate level of management. Contributions to the support of IDEAS Associates and IDEAS Projects are used to pay for the approved budget expenditures of the specified Associate or Project, following written policies and procedures. Contributions to the IDEAS Fund are used to help cover the cost of operating the organization.

How is IDEAS held Financially Accountable?

Financial Accountability: IDEAS prepares annual financial statements which are audited by Independent Certified Public Accountants. IDEAS files an annual information return (Form 990) with the Internal Revenue Service and with most State charitable officials. To receive a copy of our audited financial statements or our IRS Form 990, please contact the Treasurer.

What is IDEAS' Uniform Disclosure Statement?

Click here to read disclosure statements required by State laws and regulations.