Our Impact

One of the best ways to change a community is to change the lives of the people living in it.

IDEAS celebrates success in two strategic areas: the first is progress on the journey towards true and lasting hope. The second is sustainability and local ownership of transformative projects that will continue to multiply long after IDEAS professionals have left.

At IDEAS you do not have to leave your profession to have an impact. IDEAS projects are designed to use your gifts and skills in real and practical ways. If you are ready to say “yes” to the calling to be a world changer, but want to continue working in the profession you have been educated and trained for, we invite you to join us.

Here are some stories from a few IDEAS world changers. Could your experience be the next one we read about?


  • 26,000 children in India receiving education in 107 primary schools with 350 graduates
  • 60 students in remote China mountain communities receiving scholarships allowing them to stay in school

So far, I have had about 15 different students visit my apartment for my weekly English meetings. All of them are previous students. This is the highest number of returning students that I have ever had. The students come to practice speaking English and there is no set agenda so you never know what sort of conversations will develop.

College Professor

Many of you know the classic children’s book, “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.” I believe there should be another version titled, “If You Give a Child a Book.” With a book in hand, a first grader trying to learn English will not only learn English, they will grow in curiosity to learn more about the world. All this curiosity results in transformed hearts and minds!

Global Library Assistant


Community Development

  • 24,000 residents of 7 remote mountain communities in China received clean, reliable water supply from spring water at their homes
  • 4,000 local Indian leaders developed and placed in key transformational activities nationwide

The school project is complete! Our team installed over 3700 meters of pipe from a mountain spring to the school, placed more than 2800 bricks, constructed 4 spring enclosures and a break pressure tank, and installed a 13 meter long student wash station. The combined flow from the springs is more than adequate for the school’s daily needs. Today, and each day, and all day long, students are able to drink clean water and wash whenever they need!



  • 65 new orchards started for small-farm families in Central Asia
  • Over 100 skilled workers trained in fruit orchard management

“You guys could easily hold your own on any grafting crew in the U.S. “ These were the encouraging words to a group of fruit tree farmers in Central Asia. The students beamed with pride as they each received a special certificate for not only completing the training, but also for grafting 50,000 high quality dwarf apples trees. We get calls from farmers saying they don’t trust anyone else but us to come and prune their trees. We have built up a strong reputation for excellence. Our goal is not to be “the only game in town,” but rather to pass on orchard management skills to as many farmers as possible so that they can meet the increasing demand for qualified specialists.




  • 18 human-trafficking intervention centers in SE Asia received expert medical training, developing a more robust health component in prevention, outreach, and/or aftercare for abused, exploited and trafficked people.
  • 43 families with autistic children and 9 professionals received practical training in parenting autistic children in North Africa

We travel globally to help organizations build their ability to address health issues that arise in their communities. The staff we train are usually locals who lack knowledge and confidence in treating even some of the most basic health problems but also have to deal with complicated issues as well – all this in the context of a low-resource health care environment. On two recent trips, we helped train organizations that reach out to local women in the sex trade, foreign nationals who are trafficked for sex work in Asia, vulnerable transgender people, and street kids who are homeless, abused, and exploited. The work ranges from workshops for staff, to individual health consultations, to drop-in, nighttime clinics.

Global Physician and Health Consultant

We’ve established an optical lab within the main government hospital. The lab optician is able to make eyeglasses more quickly and less expensively than the few optical shops in town. This is a significant opportunity for the poor and those who travel from rural locations for ophthalmic services. Six optometrists have also been trained to assess needs and create prescription lenses in the lab.




  • 20 full-time highly-trained orchard management and staff provided competitive jobs and contributed to renovating the orchard industry infrastructure in Central Asia
  • 2,000 economic development clients in India enriched financially and prevented from engaging in human trafficking activities

Our software development and business processing company continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The work we do supports and augments the overall work of our local partner organization. We process their child sponsorships that provide opportunity for the most at-risk children in this country, and a top-quality English education that also teaches the values of freedom, equality and human dignity. The overall operation of our partner is enhanced through our expertise in technology. And through job creation initiatives, we employ mostly national workers and managers in our business.