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Calling all Innovators & Entrepreneurs!

Target   Do your business or development innovations offer greater participation in the mission of God’s people, and you really want to recruit more people to join you?

Target  Can you envision an entrepreneurial response suited to a particular international cross-cultural opportunity and realize you might not have the management structure for planning and accountability to see it accomplished?

Target   Do you have a compelling plan for multiple bottom-line blessing in God’s name to be achieved among a marginalized community, and wish you had cross-cultural acumen to make this happen?

Explore your project with IDEAS and together we will address these opportunities with you!

IDEAS has more than 20 years of experience imagining and developing new project start-ups among marginalized communities worldwide with entrepreneurial leaders. We are excited to explore your innovative and creative ideas and offer our unique IDEAS model for holistic transformation through business or non-profit structures.

Bring your creative streak to a serious conversation with IDEAS by:

  1. Telling us your idea below
  2. Once complete, we will review your information and be in touch
  3. If your idea seems to align with our mission and vision, IDEAS will contact you to take this exploration and development further!
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