Agricultural Vision Trip to Tunisia

Tunisian man at market

Agricultural Vision Trip – Tunisia

3–5 Months

1 single or family

  • Locations: Tunisia
  • Application Deadline: Now accepting applications
  • Orientation: Virtual and on-site
  • Departure Date: Varies depending on schedule of applicant
  • Return Date: Varies depending on length of stay

Are you an agricultural professional with a desire to use your skills to build up communities and restore hope?

Explore Tunisia and see if this is the place to put your skills to work! Experience a tailored vision trip to expose you to the wealth of opportunities in Tunisia and match your profession to a transformational project.

In collaboration with the applicant, IDEAS will put together a customized vision trip to help match candidates with one of the many agricultural project possibilities in Tunisia. IDEAS will help candidates identify professional, personal, and family goals for the vision trip and then a plan to meet those goals. Some suggested areas of activity are:

  • Visit and interact with a number of different projects and partners to see the long-term possibilities and meet potential teammates
  • Exposure to Tunisia and Tunisian people to better know the country and its people
  • Pursue language study, either French or Tunisian Arabic, depending on future work goals
  • See if your personal and family needs can be met in country (i.e., education, health needs, emotional needs, etc.)

Hone a vision for long-term work in Tunisia, coupled with the first-hand experiences to be able to take that next step in your personal and professional journey! Apply today for the Agricultural Vision Trip to Tunisia!

  • Candidates should have a desire to serve long-term with IDEAS.
  • Flexible and teachable.
  • Ideally, candidates for this program would already possess the professional qualifications needed for their desired role. However, professionally unqualified candidates are not excluded since they may conclude the vision trip with a better idea of what qualifications or experiences are needed.

A customized budget is created for each applicant.

Contact IDEAS at or 720-283-9100 to discuss options.

Have you ever wanted to use your agricultural skills overseas? Is impacting families and communities with Woman in Olive Orchardtransformational work a goal of yours? If so, we want to create a unique experience for you in Tunisia!

Your professional skills are needed and valued, and your adventurous spirit and heart for people are the lifeblood of IDEAS. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow in ways you might not imagine! And IDEAS will walk with you every step of the way.

Whether you are single or have a family, the Agricultural Vision Trip to Tunisia is designed with you in mind. Explore your long-term options while immersing yourself into a new culture. Apply today to begin the journey of a lifetime!