Agriculture and Hydroponics in Jordan


Agriculture and Hydroponics - Jordan

Multiple Positions and Lengths of Time:

  • Hydroponics Project Manager (Long-term)
  • Hydroponics Specialist (Six Months or more)
  • Hydroponics Consultant (2 Weeks)

Location: Amman and surrounding area, Jordan
Application Deadline
– Currently accepting applications
Orientation – Provided virtually and upon arrival
Estimated departure date: Varies
Estimated return: Varies depending on length of contract


Leverage your passion and skills to build a robust agricultural program that will help transform families and communities. Join our Agriculture and Hydroponics in Jordan program and see how your expertise can make a difference!

IDEAS partners with a community development organization in Jordan that seeks to cultivate transformational hope, increased capacity, and robust communities within Jordan. This organization partners with other initiatives within Jordan to reach the marginalized in society, specifically refugee and marginalized populations.

New techniques are being introduced to agricultural projects around the world, helping local leaders to maximize resources and reduce costs. IDEAS and our partner "believe that with simplification and clear communication, hydroponics can be a profitable and environmentally positive intervention even in a developing world market. We believe that it can be a feasible tool for smallholders to reduce costs, enhance productivity, and increase crop quality to command higher market prices.” (from

Applicants for the Hydroponics Project Manager will help build and manage a working hydroponics farm. Hydroponics specialists and consultants will develop training curriculum and provide expertise consulting to help train local farmers. This will build the sustainability of the project, with the goal of long-term production and contribution to local communities. All applicants will need to like physical labor, long hours during the growing season, and a flexible spirit.

Applicants can spend two weeks, several months, or many years working in these positions. If you have ever wanted to leverage your skills in agriculture and hydroponics, don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to give back!

Hydroponics Project Manager:

  • Demonstrated farm management skills
  • Likes hard physical labor
  • Willing to work long days
  • Farming background preferred
  • Willing to learn Arabic, first season is primarily language study
  • Then one growing season with existing farm before beginning new farm


Hydroponics Specialist and Consultant:

  • 5 years experience
  • Flexible and patient
  • Passion to serve and train others

$1,900 per month*

This position is a volunteer position. All costs must be covered by the volunteer and can be paid for personally or through raised funds.

  • The monthly cost covers housing, food, local transportation, visa costs, program expenses, and cell phone expenses.
  • The volunteer is also responsible for roundtrip airfare, international insurance, and spending money
  • All donations made to IDEAS for the volunteer's work expenses are considered tax-deductible donations
  • Fundraising training is available


*This cost is for the Hydroponics Specialist and Consultant. All program costs are an approximation and are subject to change.

Applicants for the Hydroponics Project Manager will receive a personalized budget. Please email for more information.

shutterstock_463562825If you have the desire to share your hydroponics skills and expertise in a new culture where hope is being shared and communities are being transformed, the Agriculture and Hydroponics in Jordan program is for you!

Through your participation, you will learn and grow in ways you might not imagine. You will develop new friendships, learn a new language, and become part of a diverse and thriving community! While you continue to develop your skills and passions, you will also get the opportunity to explore the beautiful country of Jordan, home to the Dead Sea, the ancient city of Petra, and many other historical sites and natural wonders.

Don’t pass up this incredible opportunity to put your skills to work! Apply today.