Business Consultant for Collaborating Hospitals


Business Consultant for Collaborating Hospitals - based in North America

2 years

Locations: North America with international travel
Application Deadline: Now accepting applications
Orientation: In the U.S. and on-site
Start Date: As soon as possible
Position: 2 years, full-time


The World Health Organization has declared disability as the single, fastest growing, global health need. Our project makes connections between Assistive Technology (AT) manufacturers, distributors, training programs and funders for hospitals and service providers to enable appropriate AT to bring adults and children with disabilities from isolation to true hope in low resource settings in Africa and Asia.

The person who accepts the Business Consultant for Collaborating Hospitals position will be a key catalyzing spark to create new links for hospitals with existing AT resources. Hospitals will be enabled to effectively serve the social, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs of people with disabilities.

You will also sit with hospital leadership to make a multi-year strategic plan for scaling up to appropriate assistive technology provision, including wheelchair services. Other assistive technology provision, such as prosthetics, orthotics, assisted and augmented communication, and others may also included.

In consultation with Project Manager, collaborate with participating local hospitals to:

  • Estimate AT need profile in population served by hospitals
  • Assess AT resources availability in country
  • Understand local government setting, including importation guidelines
  • Link to training resources
  • Link to affordable and appropriate AT sources and suppliers
  • Interface with local and international AT resource networks, including funding
  • Develop plans for training or hiring and training staff

Work will include:

  • Investigating supply chain
  • Fundraising through corporations and foundations for start-up costs by collaborating hospitals
  • Creating partnerships between the public and private sectors for resources
  • Introducing AT that is appropriate to local setting
  • Interfacing with other organizations active in AT globally and locally
  • Recognizing the critical importance for hospitals to achieve ability to pay their AT team in sustainable manner and have sufficient funding for AT devices.
  • Collaborating and planning with Project Manager

This is a full-time position. It can be fulfilled from anywhere in North America where supplied with good internet and a hub for international travel. Hospital locations include multiple countries in Africa and Asia.

If you are interested in this position, please hit the "Get Started" button to begin the application process. We look forward to getting to know you better!

Qualifications (obtained or in process):
  • Able to work well in teams
  • Business project planning
  • Must have or learn familiarity with global AT resources, networks, policies and practices
  • Familiarity with faith-based health providers of international medical missions is helpful
  • Self-starter
  • Willing to travel to two North American conferences annually
  • Willing to take (estimating) 1 trip to each of 4 international hospital locations annually
  • Demonstrated capacity for effective participatory learning, collaboration, planning
  • English is required, some locations may require translation.

A customized budget will be created for each applicant

  • This program is for volunteers or self-supported individuals only. Applicants must provide or raise the necessary funds to live and work in North America.
  • Fundraising coaching and training is available.

For more information, please contact IDEAS at or for budget estimations.

Kenya wheels-374513-editedAre you passionate about connecting people, processes and resources with those who are physically limited?

Do you enjoy collaboration and cultural learning?

If you answered "yes" then this position could be for you! IDEAS is seeking a qualified professional who can collaborate with our partner hospitals to ensure they receive the resources and Assistive Technology needed to support their local communities.

As a candidate for this program, you have the chance to join a robust network that is providing mobility, strength, transformation and hope to those who are often overlooked and forgotten. Your contribution can help bring someone from the shadows of shame out into the light of hope.

You will also have the opportunity to explore and engage exciting locations, diverse cultures and incredible men, women and children. You will experience new sights, sounds and flavors, from bustling cities to rural villages and farmland.

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