Communications and Photo Journalism in Jordan


Communications and Photo Jounalism - Jordan

2 Weeks or More

Location: Amman, Jordan
Application Deadline
– Currently accepting applications
Orientation – Provided virtually and upon arrival
Estimated departure date: Varies
Estimated return: Varies depending on length of contract


Be a part of something significant! IDEAS is a global community of Chrisitan professionals that leverages our skills to restore hope. Join our Communications and Photo Journalism in Jordan program to bring hope today!

IDEAS partners with a community development organization in Jordan that seeks to cultivate transformational hope, increased capacity and robust communities within Jordan. This organization partners with other initiatives within Jordan to reach the marginalized in society, specifically refugee and underserved populations.

Applicants for this program will assist in telling the stories of transformation that are happening throughout the country. Volunteers will work with several branches of the organization that include agricultural, community-based rehabilitation and relief projects. Volunteers must have a passion to capture the beauty, struggle, resiliency and hope of these people and projects through photography and written communications. And in turn, these photgraphs and articles will help tell the story of this work to partners, donors and interested readers worldwide.

Applicants can spend two weeks, several months or many years working in this position. If you have a passion for telling stories and a desire to use your skills in an international arena, apply today!

  • Demonstrated writing and photo journalism skills.
  • Highly flexible
  • Resilient in face of challenging life stories
  • Outgoing, friendly
  • Good time management
  • Clear, consisten communication
  • Gracious, thankful attitude

$1,900 per month*

This position is a volunteer position. All costs must be covered by the volunteer and can be paid for personally or through raised funds.

  • The monthly cost covers housing, food, local transportation, visa costs, program expenses and cell phone expenses.
  • The volunteer is also responsible for roundtrip airfare, international insurance and spending money
  • All donations made to IDEAS for the volunteer's work expenses are considered tax-deductible donations
  • Fundraising training is available


*All program costs are an approximation and are subject to change. For applicants who wish to go longer than one year, a personalized budget will be created for you. Please email for more information.

3-camels-150x150.jpgIf you are passionate about storytelling and desire to see how individuals are experiencing community transformation, then an opportunity in Jordan is waiting for you!

If you want to hone your professional skills in communications and photography, then an opportunity in Jordan is waiting for you!

If you want to be a part of a community of Christian professionals, then an opportunity in Jordan is waiting for you!

Through your participation, youwill learn and grow in ways you might not imagine. You will develop new friendships, learn a new language and become part of a diverse and thriving community! While you continue to use your skills and passions behind the lens, you will also get the opportunity to explore the beautiful country of Jordan, home to the Dead Sea, the ancient city of Petra and many other historical sites and natural wonders.

Don’t pass up this incredible opportunity to put your skills to work! Join our Communications and Photo Journalism in Jordan program today.