Head English Tutor in Thailand

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Head English Tutor – Thailand

1 Year Position

Locations: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Application Deadline: Now accepting applications
Orientation: Virtual and upon arrival
Departure Date: ASAP
Return Date: Varies depending on length of stay


Bring your tutoring skills to Asia! Join our Head English Tutor in Thailand program and see communities grow and thrive, one individual at a time.

IDEAS partners with an organization that runs a 5-year medical training program in the hills of eastern Myanmar with a training facility located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are seeking a Head English Tutor who can come alongside our students to help them in their understanding and growth of the English language so they can thrive in their healthcare studies.

The chosen applicant for this position will have the following duties:

  • Instruction of students in English as directed by the Year 1 Program Director.
    • Teaching English - reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills
    • Create lesson plans and materials to help students gain understanding in English literature and academic study skills.
    • Design lesson plans and procedures to enhance student’s learning progress.
    • Develop assessment to test students.
    • Developing study aids and materials.
    • Develop skills lists.
    • Be an integral part of the Year 1 Education Team.
  • Assist students in development of student’s academic, social, emotional, and spiritual well being.
    • Relationship building with students, mentoring role if needed
    • Tutoring and office hours (English conversation, helping with homework)
  • Participate in outside English teaching as needed for work permit.

Our partner organization is training young people from the jungle areas of Eastern Myanmar, primarily from the “Karen” people group.  Decades of civil war has left the infrastructure in shambles. This program trains young adults to the level of Physician's Assistant over the course of the 5-year program. Graduates of the program go out to the remote areas to help build up their communities.

To hear from one of our team members, check out this blog post: Healthcare Along the Border.


  • Preferred strength in English language, both speaking and reading, writing.
  • Preferred Bachelor of Arts in related field.
  • Compliance with organizational guidelines and protocols, including behaviors, dress and activities.
  • Flexible and humble attitude

Costs will vary

This is a volunteer position. A customized budget will be created for the applicant.


Have you been thinking about using your English language skills and knowledge overseas? If so, this position could be for you!

As a volunteer for this program, you will join a large, dynamic and engaging team. All are focused on providing and teaching quality clinical healthcare and demonstrating a desire to help train up the next generation of Karen leaders.

You will also have the opportunity to explore and engage the beauty and history of Thailand and Myanmar! You will experience new sights, sounds and flavors, from bustling cities with crowded markets and bazaars to rural villages and farmland.

If you have have the skills to tutor and the heart to serve in Thailand, this opportunity is for you! Apply to be the Head English Tutor in Thailand today!