Healthcare Trainers in Egypt


Healthcare Training Program – Egypt

6 Months or Longer

Multiple Positions

  • Nurses
  • Surgeons
  • Physicians
  • Radiologists
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Gastroenterologists

Locations: Menouf, Egypt
Application Deadline: Now accepting applications
Orientation: Provided in U.S. and upon arrival
Departure Date: Varies
Return Date: Varies depending on length of stay


Transfer your medical skills, your passion for teaching, and your compassion for others and join our Healthcare Trainers in Egypt program today!

For over 100 years, our partner hospital has provided compassionate healthcare to the people of Menouf and surrounding region in the Nile delta. It is a full service 24-hour teaching hospital and has a reputation for providing compassionate healthcare to all patients. Subsidies are provided for those who cannot afford  services.

This hospital and its staff are known as pro-active community builders, helping to bridge the gap between diverse cultures, faiths, and practices.

In addition, this partner hospital provides surgery and inpatient services in the following specialties: hepatology, gynecology, pediatric, ophthalmology, ENT, orthopedic, neurosurgery and cardiology. In partnership with PAACS (Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons), this hospital operates as a surgery teaching hospital, offering training programs in general surgery to the country’s medical students.

Applicants to this program will:

  • become teachers, mentors or proctors for student medical residents or nursing students
  • assist in providing healthcare to the Menouf community
  • contribute to positive community relations


  • The physician or surgeon must be board-qualified (or board-eligible).
  • Be willing to comply with the regulations and requirements of PAACS program.
  • They must have a teaching aptitude and have been involved in the training and discipling of young surgeons.


  •  Associate Degree Nurse or higher Registered
  • Minimum of 1 years of experience in their field
  • Strong skills in both oral and written format
  • Must be flexible and service oriented
  • Problem solving abilities with the ability to intervene immediately and awareness of changing conditions that may require additional assistance, (Critical-thinking)

$1310 per month

  • Housing is provided by school
  • Volunteer costs or long-term salary will be raised by individual applicant
  • Fundraising coaching and training is available

Contact for questions regarding program costs.

the-great-sphinx-1526366.jpgExplore the beauty of Egypt while helping to build healthy, thriving communities!

You will live in the bustling city of Menouf, located in the Nile Delta. The population is approximately 100,000. 98% of the population is Muslim, and 1% is Christian. Arabic is the spoken language, although English is gaining acceptance and is sought by the business community. Menouf is one of several inhabited ancient Egyptian cities.

You will also get to engage in the complex and fascinating culture of Egypt. Experience sights, sounds, languages, customs and celebrations that will enhance your professional skills while shaping your worldview. You will develop new relationships that will influence your life for years to come.

Spend the next six months or longer transferring your skills and growing your compassion for the people of Egypt! Apply today to train healthcare professionals in Egypt and experience how you can leverage your skills to restore hope.