Physical or Occupational Therapy in Egypt

Aswan, Egypt

Therapy Program – Egypt

2 Years or More

Physical or Occupational Therapist with Assistive Technology Training

  • Locations: Aswan, Egypt
  • Application Deadline: Now accepting applications
  • Orientation: Provided in the U.S. and on-site
  • Departure Date: Varies
  • Return Date: Varies

Are you an occupational or physical therapist and have a desire to assist children with disabilities while exploring a new country and culture?

If so, sign up for our Physical or Occupational Therapy in Egypt program and bring immediate and lasting hope to many.

Our goal is to demonstrate love by bringing people with disabilities from isolation to true hope. The World Health Organization has described disability as the fastest growing global health need. Statistics estimate that 1 in 100 need a wheelchair, yet in our area, very few have access to one.

Historically we have focused primarily on acute care and public health. We would like to add long-term care for those with disabilities. We need  help to build and mentor a local team who can continue this in a sustainable long-term manner

Wheelchair services and therapy for those with disabilities will be initiated initially on a small scale. Because wheelchairs are not available to many who need them in our area, these people are at high risk of early death from infection. The qualified applicant for this position will begin serving by learning the local language and culture and by serving local people with disabilities. Over time, our goal is to have you work with local therapists. Although there are therapists trained in in-country, their training includes very little on the care of those living with disabilities. Your expertise is needed to directly offer care, and to mentor and walk alongside local therapists as they gain training and experience.

Available global clinical resources will be part of the picture such as World Health Organization training packages, and contact with global advocacy and information sharing groups. The end goal will be to make our hospital a place where those who are living with disability can come to receive care that enables them to move from isolation to hope.  

  • PT or OT with wheelchair experience and experience working with children with disabilities
  • Able to work well in a team
  • Willing to learn the culture and language
  • Able to mentor and teach in a mutually respectful way
  • Aware of, or willing to become aware of global and local resources available
  • Flexible and teachable attitude

Customized budget created for each applicant

This program is designed for those who have the long-term in mind! A personalized budget will be created for each applicant or family and will require fundraising.

But don't let that scare you! Fundraising training, consulting and coaching is available for all participants, helping them reach their budgetary goals. For more information about this program, please email

As a physical or occupational therapist in this program, you will have the ability to make a direct and lasting impact in the lives of childreKids-against-a-walln with disabilities.

You will also have the opportunity to explore the diverse culture and rich history of a variety of locations! You will experience new sights, sounds and flavors, and develop life-long friendships. You will not only enhance your professional expertise but you will also grow in your ability to love and serve others.

Go because your skills are needed and valued.

Go because you are ready to take that next step in your professional and personal journey.

Go because this is what you were born to do!

Sign up for our Physical or Occupational Therapist in Egypt program today!