Refugee Social Program in Cyprus


Refugee Social Program – Cyprus

1-3 Months

  • Locations: Cyprus
  • Application Deadline: Now accepting applications
  • Orientation: Virtual and on-site
  • Departure Date: Fall 2020 or Spring 2021
  • Return Date: Varies depending on departure date

Leverage your skills and compassion and volunteer with the Refugee Social Program in Cyprus!

Thousands of refugee families and individuals from Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Sudan and Somalia have been uprooted from their homes and forced to seek refuge in a foreign country. IDEAS partners with an organization that has created a community of care and love for refugees in Cyprus. Almost 150 refugee families with desperate needs find peace and a sense of belonging through this project’s services of English teaching, food distribution, a cafe and social programs, discussion groups and activities.

You will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing project events; English language teaching, food bagging and distribution, cafe management, discussion groups on health and social issues, and special outings and activities. And you will have the opportunity to turn your good ideas for social events and excursions into reality, managing approved new events from start to finish.

This volunteer opportunity will also meet one-on-one with individuals and families as relationships deepen, enjoying friendship, offering hospitality, and investing in them.


  • College graduate
  • 22 years and older
  • Team player
  • Self-motivated
  • TEFOL, adult education, activities management skills preferred

$1,765 (1 month)*

  • Budget is based on a single person and includes housing, utilities, internet, food, car rental, fuel and administrative costs.
  • Required expenses that are not included in the Program Cost include round trip airfare, international insurance and mobile phone expenses.
  • Discretionary funds include personal expenses and spending money.
  • Fundraising training and coaching are optional for an additional $700.

*All program costs are an approximation and are subject to change.

As a volunteer, you will see refugees gain a sense of peace, harmony and stability, in great contrast to their experiences of being displaced and losing their relationships, possessions and communities. The cafe offers a place of belonging and your service will greatly contribute to their improved quality of life.

In recent months over 150 refugee families/units have received:

  • Weekly fruit and vegetable supplies
  • Clothing for their adults and children
  • Language learning in English classes
  • Community in cafe-based social events
  • Recreation on local excursions

Be a part of this exciting opportunity to help bring hope and transformation to many displaced individuals and families. One, two or three months within this community will not only impact their lives, but it will change yours as well! Join our Refugee Social Program in Cyprus today!