Teach in Mauritius


Teacher Program — Mauritius

Assignment Minimum:
2 years for teachers
3 years for administrators

Current Needs:

  • Principal
  • English Teacher - Middle School
  • English Teacher - High School


Locations: Mauritius
Application Deadline: Apply today!
Orientation: Virtual and on-site
Departure Date: Varies - as soon as April 2019
Return Date: Depends on length of assignment

Are you passionate about teaching and learning, curious by nature, enjoy engaging with people and committed to positive change through education?

If so, then leverage your skills and be part of a thriving educational community on the beautiful island of Mauritius!

IDEAS partners with an exciting Pre-K - 12 school that focuses on the growth of character and education of each student. Their core values are centered around citizenship, grace, resilience, care, integrity and curiosity. The school aims to stimulate a passion for learning, creativity and community services, under-girded by a high moral standard.

This school believes their students are enriched by sitting alongside others with a wide range of backgrounds. Their student body is made up of people with differing academic aptitudes, races and ethnic groups, a majority of Mauritians complemented by over 20 other nationalities and the spectrum of the socioeconomic scale.

Administrators and teachers relish learning along with their students and being part of a highly cohesive group of teachers, as well as being an important part of an iterative curriculum development process. Caring, nurturing relationships with students and their families are also cultivated through home visits, special parent programs and good communication. Our partner school continues to grow every year, necessitating more and more great educators.

Administrators and teachers are needed to provide an excellent education to a diverse student body and thriving community. Could one of these positions be for you? If so, apply now to our Teach in Mauritius program today.


  • Experienced and credentialed educators
  • Self-initiative, innovation, mutual care and a team spirit
  • Minimum two-year commitment


  • Qualifications in teaching and ideally educational administration
  • At least three years in educational leadership
  • Cross-cultural exposure and/or serving disadvantaged student groups is highly desirable
  • Pioneering and enterprising personality that is highly collaborative
  • Alignment with the school's philosophy of Christian education
  • Familiarity with UK and/or bench marked international curricular standards is a plus
  • Familiarity in French is a plus


Partial monthly stipend provided

  • Additional fundraising may be needed to have an adequate budget
  • IDEAS provides fundraising training and access to fundraising coaches
  • School assists with work permits, finding accommodation, general orientation and pastoral care
  • Salary packages are negotiable but indicatively at Mauritian market rates; some expatriate staff raise additional partial or full financial support


All program costs are an approximation and are subject to change.

mauritiusLocated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Republic of Mauritius is known for its spectacular beaches and diverse population. But it is also home to a warm, thriving educational community that serves students and families from over twenty nationalities.

As a teacher or administrator at this school, you will have the opportunity to grow professionally and spiritually. Your strengths and skills will be honed, new relationships will be developed and your faith will deepen as you embrace this new challenge.

You will also have the opportunity to engage a new community and culture! Your senses will come alive to new sights, sounds and tastes that only Mauritius can provide. This opportunity is about joining what God is already doing on this beautiful island, are you ready to begin that journey?

Join our Teach in Mauritius program today and be part of shaping of the next generation.