Our History

In 1997, IDEAS was founded by a group of innovators who wanted to change the face of traditional cross-cultural work. The vision was to bring more authenticity, creativity and professionalism to the scene. As time went on, more like-minded professionals joined us.

Today, IDEAS has many skilled professional Associates working in a variety of exciting fields! Our projects and programs are in more than a dozen countries in Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. We offer volunteer and subsidized positions, both in short-term and long-term opportunities. And we are growing!

We love what we do and we invite you to learn more about how you can join us. You can continue to work in the profession in which you have been educated and trained. Whether you are just starting to explore this big world of ours and seek a brief experience, or you are ready to live the rest of your life overseas, we have a program for you.

YOU can be a part of IDEAS global community of professionals leveraging our skills to restore hope! If you are ready to begin the adventure of your life-time, GET STARTED today.