We are a global community of professionals leveraging our skills to restore hope!

IDEAS works internationally in over 13 countries to demonstrate love, holistically serving among the forgotten and overlooked in order to see transformed lives in communities of contagious hope.

Our unique methodology offers compelling opportunity to Christian professionals to leverage their education, skills and passions in transformative projects to restore hope among the communities we serve. We affirm that God equips professionals to effectively engage every workplace and community through attitudes, knowledge, relationships and practice. We offer professional opportunities in five areas: agriculture, business, community development, education, and health/well-being. These projects deliver tangible value in community and provide for critical encounters and relationships that embody, inform and offer true and lasting hope.

Our Mission: To demonstrate love – serving forgotten and overlooked people by meeting their social, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs.

Our Vision: To see transformed lives in communities of contagious hope.

Our Values:

  • Community formed by intentional relationships is the context in which we collaborate, help, serve and care for others in an environment of grace, love and forgiveness.
  • Authenticity in our identity, professional skills and roles gives us freedom to serve others with credibility and have transformational impact.
  • Partnerships reflect our belief in the value of connectedness, community and combining resources to better serve others.
  • Personal Character drives us to demonstrate uncompromising integrity and wise financial stewardship in all of our organizational activities and in the locations of our Associates where dependability, courage and perseverance are paramount.
  • Cultural Respect is demonstrated by entering as sensitive and respectful learners of both local languages and customs.
  • Creativity and Innovation allows us to be nimble and adaptive to changing situations and opportunities.
  • Life-long Learning considers each person’s skills and development from initial endorsement through their time with IDEAS. Every person is encouraged to continue to learn and grow through academics, training, and developmental activities.
  • Servant Leadership requires us to bring our skills and gifts in an attitude of humility that looks to the interests of those we serve.

Our methodology centers on assessing opportunities and partnering to achieve professional projects which meet tangible needs. We engage qualified professionals to contribute to these projects, and provide care and resources for their growth and well-being. IDEAS offers two, compelling products: the journey towards hope for overlooked and forgotten communities; and the opportunity for like-minded professionals to engage their skills and passions.

Our methodology is a proven and powerful approach which responds to human need with innovation and compassion. This multi-step process has been successfully launched within communities in more than 13 countries:

1. Assess needs in partnership with local community.
2. Develop projects which are valued by local community.
3. Implement projects and build on relationships.
4. Serve and work with excellence, allowing individual lives and communities to be transformed socially, intellectually, physically and spiritually.

Our methodology is applied to five project categories: Agriculture, Business and IT, Community Development, Education, and Healthcare and Wellness

Our Focus:

Our projects serve forgotten and overlooked people in the regions of North Africa, Central Asia & the Middle East, and South & East Asia. In its work and projects IDEAS does not discriminate in providing services based on race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age or disability.